Zucchini, Corn and Haloumi Fritters

Makes 10-12 fritters | Prep time 15 minutes | Total time 30 minutes


180g Halloumi

380g Zucchini

250g Corn kernels (tinned is fine but just make sure to rinse well)

Small handful of finely chopped chives

6 organic / free-range eggs

1/3 cup LSA (ground linseed, sunflower and almond)

2/3 whole meal spelt flour

Extra virgin olive oil

Medley tomatoes + rocket to serve


1. Grate (or use a food processor) the halloumi + zucchini, then add to a large mixing bowl

2. Add corn kernels, chives, 5 eggs + mix well

3. Add LSA + spelt flour + mix

4. Heat a pan to med-low heat. Add a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and lightly pan-fry the fritter mix in batches. About 1.5minutes each side

5. Whilst making the fritters, heat another small pan with a little bit of olive oil + add the tomatoes to lightly cook and plate

6. Cook the remaining egg your way (fry/poach/scramble)

7. Plate everything up and serve with a side of rocket



Fritters are also delicious for a lighter dinner option. Serve with a side of tzatziki and wedge of lemon or why not try avocado and tomato relish for an alternative twist.



  • In season during Summer and Autumn months
  • It is a very versatile vegetable that you are able to add to virtually any dish (grated in to spaghetti mince and Mexican mince, grilled on the BBQ for a summer time feast, shaved raw to consume in a cold salad).
  • High in FIBRE and WATER – helps to lower blood cholesterol, helps to stabilise blood sugar levels, aids in digestion (prevents constipation)
  • Low SODIUM content and high POTASSIUM content – maintains a healthy blood pressure level
  • Rich in ANTIOXIDANTS and PHYTOCHEMICALS – these two beauties aid in the destruction of damaging agents within our bodies
  • High in FOLATE, RIBOFLAVIN & B6 – b-complex vitamins are essential for energy production. They help us feel energised, reducing fatigue and improving our moods. They help with cognitive brain function and are required for the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates (to create energy)