A Month of Magnificence

June 2019.

A month that casted a deserving spotlight on our Australian female athletes.

Over a ground-breaking 24-hour period, we as a nation celebrated three world-wide spectacles that undeniably inspired the future generations of sportswomen. Athletes, Sally Fitzgibbons, Ash Barty and Hannah Green asserted their dominance in their respective sports, with such humility and poise. But more importantly, these role models continue to encourage and nurture the love of sport in young girls; proving that no dream is too big.

Australian pro surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons is the new world No.1 after taking out the World Surf League’s Rio Pro in Brazil. Despite having suffered a shoulder injury in 2018, Fitzgibbon’s has worked her way back to the top with three podium finishes throughout the season before her final victory at the Rio Pro, over former World Champion, Carissa Moore. A polished performance that was nothing short of spectacular – proving that through passion, hard work, resilience and grit, anything is possible. 

In addition, Australian tennis star, Ash Barty has stunned the nation, righteously earning the No.1 world ranking. After winning her first grand slam victory at the French Open, Barty went on to claim victory over German, Julia Gorges at the Birmingham Classic, which cemented her at the summit of world tennis. A calm, modest competitor with a constant smile and such a flawless game; the 23-year-old now sits as the top contender for Wimbledon.

The third inspiring sportswoman to succeed during this thrilling 24-hour period was Australian pro golfer, Hannah Green who took out her first LGPA win in Minnesota. Through her diligence and masterly skill, Green prevailed over defending champion, Park Sung-Hyun by just one shot. A talented athlete who has humbly flown under the radar toward her success.

However, in addition to these spectacular individuals, June also comprised of some empowering team performances that saw our Aussie female athletes fight for their countries, states, families, fans and teammates. Our Women’s State of Origin saw New South Wales conquer Queensland in a tough match that was nothing short of exhilarating; a game full of women and friends who overflowed with pride. Moreover, our Matildas took on the FIFA World Cup with passion and a burning desire to succeed; it is no secret that the strength and dignity with which they played, empowered many females all over the world.

This month, we’ve also seen some of our very own Conic coaches chase their dreams and make their countries proud.

A huge congratulations to our talented Conic Coach and ambassador, Grace Hamilton, who was announced captain of the Wallaroos – the Australian Women’s Rugby Union Team. What an honour. The Conic family can’t wait to cheer her on when the Wallaroos take on Japan on July 13th.

Another congratulations to our coach Kiana Takairangi who made her debut for the Kiwi Ferns – the New Zealand Women’s Rugby League Team – and scored a sensational try. An athlete with ceaseless passion and determination; Conic can’t wait to continue to see where the future takes you.

These female athletes are role models – persistently empowering all generations of sporty chicks to work hard, believe in themselves and chase their dreams. The increased coverage of these spectacular events has provided these inspiring women with greater exposure, allowing us to not only celebrate them, but share in their success. It is only up from here for women’s sport.