Conic customised club balls

Our Conic customised club balls are the perfect way to encourage club spirit in a fun way. 

Designed and made to order, Our Conic team work closely with your committee to passionately design a club ball that can be used as your match or training ball, can be used as an end of year award or can be sold by your club as a great, useful and fun fundraising initiative.

All customised club balls can be designed to include the below

  • Design reflecting your club colours
  • Club logo.
  • Sponsors logos 
  • Personalisation box
  • Team slogan or inspirational quote.

Balls can be made for various sporting codes and in various sizes to accomodate different aged participants needs. 

Clubs and their club members and families are loving our custom balls. No more losing easily identified game balls. And the kids love and are proud in their free time to be practising with their own club ball. Also an easy and profitable fundraising ideas for clubs that is a healthy, creative and fun way for your club to raise money.

To get the ball rolling, please contact us on the email below with an expression of in T so we can start getting some awesome designs ready for you club

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