For many years we have worked with children in preschools/kindy’s, primary schools, and high schools. This time has opened our eyes up to the importance of developing in children at a young age a passion for health and fitness a desire to make positive choices in life and tools to navigate through a sometimes tricky world and to focus on the importance of their overall social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

If we are able to begin instilling these positive life attributes at a young age in our children, we are ultimately paving the pathway for a healthier future for our children and in turn their children.

Our Conic kindy fundamental movements and wellbeing program has been developed by us and our team after years of extensive research and hands-on work in various educational settings. We know you, your staff educators your families and most importantly your children will love and benefit from our program immensely. With these benefits, children will leap into the commencement of primary school with a head start in so many important developmental areas.

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